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Lotus Mediation LLC
Restorative Mediation
and Support Groups

Lotus Mediation Updates!

Upcoming group for domestic violence starting March 

8th! This will be a four week session - every Wednesday at 9 am central time and will last one hour. This group will be done via Zoom so that each individual may be in the comfort of their home or other safe space. 

Please email Shelby at to register, once registered you will receive the Zoom link. 

Each Session is $20 or you may pay for the four week group for $65 ($15 dollar savings).

Lotus Mediation Vision and Values

I started Lotus Mediation with the goal to help and support families and individuals going through conflict, trauma, and different seasons of life. My passion for people and healthy relationships has led me to offer mediation, support groups, and advocacy. I bring my experience and understanding through the journey I have walked through personally as well as worked in.

Core Values of Lotus Mediation LLC





*Self Determination 


Vision Statement

To help families stay out of the court system by providing alternative dispute resolution through restorative mediation and circle support groups to promote healthy relationships. Empowering individuals to have a voice and continue on their journey and to come alongside those experiencing loss.


An alternate dispute resolution (ADR) process recognized by rule 114 of the Minnesota courts. Restorative mediation focuses on relationships and uses circle process to foster healthy communication. Mediation can be used in situations such as divorce, post decree, parenting time, child custody, family & work conflict, and much more.


Please call for specific information pertaining to groups and classes. Schedules may vary depending on registration. Groups and classes may include but are not limited to pre-divorce, dissolution, trauma, child custody, parenting time, military (for soldiers & family), conflict, yoga, domestic abuse, and more.


I have the training to provide domestic abuse support and advocacy. My goal is to come alongside you to offer support, encouragement, and empowerment.

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